Art Basel 2014 Miami Beach

Art Basel 2014 Miami Beach.
The enthusiasm for the mundane, whimsical and comic novelty market shares no boundaries with local press writers in Miami. It is amazing that an ensemble of the world’s leading art market manages to completely allude contemporary global dynamics. One would have thought the world’s problems, humanity’s guilt and the endless news of suffering would be able to register a few notes of sympathy among the aesthetic elite but yet again Art Basel 2014 defies belief…

Convention Center Miami
Art Basel Miami Beach 2010

in reality. This years Miami market has been well fielded by new residents from Latin America, Russia and Asia, the police and Federal authorities are booking hundreds of prime real estate units confiscated for financial washing. How has Basel survived Miami so long ? because it’s avant garde art and trend in style.

Miami Beach Art Basel 2012 Reception.

 Art Basel Miami Beach 2012  VIP Reception
Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 VIP Reception from left to right, Annette Schönholzer, Norman Braman, Matti Herrera Bower,the Mayor of the City of Miami Beach and Guy Morin at the opening of Art Basel Miami Beach 2012.
 Opening Day for the Art Basel Miami Beach 2012. Dec 6-9  Miami Art reviews 12/11/12
  Thursday morning.
  Chairman of the Miami Beach Host committee for Art Basel 2012 is  Norman Braman, the county’s most popular and dynamic figure talked about the international reach he personally has witnessed. Miami Beach Mayor Matti Herrera Bower was delighted to have Collins Park active encouraging the Art Basel crowd to explore. Guy Morin, Canton President  of  Basel_Stadt and Jason Chandler, UBS committed to the audience the expansion of the Art Basel market with an all year presence on Miami Beach announced by Annette Schönholzer and Marc Spiegler. It was an exciting start to the event and Miami officials were beaming to host this very lucrative and culturally prestigious show once again. The layout, sections and comfort needs fit well into the Miami Beach Convention Center and finding an alternative venue on the Beach would be hard. Mr. Norman Braman is correct in praising the lift the region has with the Basel partnership, Miami was also ready for a major art show or Biennial at the end of the 90’s. Now our region will have the Asian art market to attract visitors and investors.
Matti Herrera Bower
Matti Herrera Mayor of Miami Beach, at art basel Miami Beacg 2012
Photo by Ana Bikic for Art reviews Miami 2012

South Florida is blessed with warm sunny climes when the rest of the world is either beginning to shiver or tired of it.

Miami Beach’s artistic history continues by hosting Art Basel for another decade.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2012
Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 – Art Reviews Miami 2012/13

Coconut Grove Art Festival 2011 Poster Unveiling Party, 01/14/2011

Jurying for the 2011 Coconut Grove Arts Festival
Jurying for the 2011 Coconut Grove Arts Festival

The 48 Annual Coconut Grove Art Festival 2011, Poster Unveiling Party, 01/14/2011, 5:00 pm to 8: OOpm.  At The

Sonesta Bayfront Hotel 2889,  MCFARLANE RD, 8Th Floor Coconut Grove, Fl 33133 Fl

RSVP:KATRINA@CGAF.COM or call PH: 305 447.04.01

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George Gutierrez  Arts Director Of The New Museum Freefdom Tower Miami
George Gutierrez Arts Director Of The New Museum Freedom Tower Miami

George Gutierrez,  Arts Director Of The New Museum, Freedom Tower Miami,  MDC Arts.  Art GalleryMDC Art Gallery System.

Wall installation Art by Carolina Sardi Cluster #2  on steel