Design Miami Art Basel 2012 to 2015

Design Miami, Miami Basel 2012

Snarkitecture is  Art incorporating architecture, Working within, architecture and designers.

Snarkitecture established by Alex Mustonen &  Daniel Arsham.

Photo Credit : Ana Bikic

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Elizabeth Turk Sculpture Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

                                                Elizabeth Turk  At Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

Elizabeth Turk
Elizabeth Turk Marbol Carving Sculpture at Art Basel Miami Beach 2012.
photo by Ana Bikc for Art Reviews Miami 2012/13
This year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, contemporary best was sculptor Elizabeth Turk, marble carving to an exquisite belief in the fluid form. 
Her work is a shining example of where the direction lies towards a classic Fine Art future, the humility needed to execute a
perfect patience with such a delicate pursuit of the making, leaves one only to marvel in response.
  Elizabeth Turk’s latest marble sculptures would be a touch stone cultural bridge to middle east liberal progressions,
 part of a new creative generation of women moving the eco- symbols of humanity towards the transcontinental spring.
Her work is Nationally recognized by the American Institute of Architects and the MacArthur Foundation, two important credits
to her career. Turk’s current series of Ribbon marble forms are a joy to behold. They immediately evoke a collective response,
 as total strangers share their wonderment together. When Art achieves this, it’s worth every dime to own it because we will all
pay more than a dime to see it again and again.
By Ana Bikic And William Mark Coulthard

Miami Beach Art Basel 2012 Reception.

 Art Basel Miami Beach 2012  VIP Reception
Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 VIP Reception from left to right, Annette Schönholzer, Norman Braman, Matti Herrera Bower,the Mayor of the City of Miami Beach and Guy Morin at the opening of Art Basel Miami Beach 2012.
 Opening Day for the Art Basel Miami Beach 2012. Dec 6-9  Miami Art reviews 12/11/12
  Thursday morning.
  Chairman of the Miami Beach Host committee for Art Basel 2012 is  Norman Braman, the county’s most popular and dynamic figure talked about the international reach he personally has witnessed. Miami Beach Mayor Matti Herrera Bower was delighted to have Collins Park active encouraging the Art Basel crowd to explore. Guy Morin, Canton President  of  Basel_Stadt and Jason Chandler, UBS committed to the audience the expansion of the Art Basel market with an all year presence on Miami Beach announced by Annette Schönholzer and Marc Spiegler. It was an exciting start to the event and Miami officials were beaming to host this very lucrative and culturally prestigious show once again. The layout, sections and comfort needs fit well into the Miami Beach Convention Center and finding an alternative venue on the Beach would be hard. Mr. Norman Braman is correct in praising the lift the region has with the Basel partnership, Miami was also ready for a major art show or Biennial at the end of the 90’s. Now our region will have the Asian art market to attract visitors and investors.
Matti Herrera Bower
Matti Herrera Mayor of Miami Beach, at art basel Miami Beacg 2012
Photo by Ana Bikic for Art reviews Miami 2012

South Florida is blessed with warm sunny climes when the rest of the world is either beginning to shiver or tired of it.

Miami Beach’s artistic history continues by hosting Art Basel for another decade.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2012
Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 – Art Reviews Miami 2012/13

Art Basel Satellite Shows 2012 Miami

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By William Mark Coulthard
Photography by Ana Bikic
Edited By Ana Bikic

International Book Fair 2012

The Argentine Consulate brought a great selection of their authors. Great effort by the Consulate to promote Argentina’s wealth of literary talent. I also enjoyed talking with the Vermont College Of Fine Arts who were representing their student and professor published works on a hide variety of topics including essays on the importance of art critics to correlate values both financial and aesthetic.
International Book Fair 2012
International Book Fair 2012 at MDC
 Sunday was wet and windy at times but the children’s section was busy all day long, the students dressed as literary characters were everywhere bringing even wider smiles.  The Miami Book Fair International was presented by The Center for Literature and Theatre, MDC downtown campus Miami Nov 11 – 18 .  2013 will be the Fair’s 30th anniversary edition. If they just repeat this year’s format again it will be a great success.

Miami International BOOK FAIR 2012

Written by William M. Coulthard,
Edited by Ana Bikic.
Photography By Ana Bikic

Miami International BOOK Fair 2012
Miami International BOOK Fair 2012

Prempting Art Basel, The Miami International Book fair opens the beginning of the winter season for South Florida, attracting visitors to this multilingual subtropic Miami magic yet again. Miami’s publishing and interlectual tradition continues with the help of Miami Dade College and a City’s celebration of our local Books and Books store’s 30th anniversiary.

Mitchell Kaplan.
Mitchell Kaplan. Books & Books Owner. Coral Gables South Florida.
Photo By Ana BIkic Art review Miami.

The importance of books in our homes is a historical principle for Americans. Our culture has been constantly infused with new pens, translations and poets. Literature is an American tradition with many tongues, the music of words has an immediate translation of dialogue.
Historically this country’s every home owned more books than one could find in Europe’s. Today many of our poor and wetched still arrive well read and wanting to write. Books are still treasured as a piece of art,gifts to be lent or fiendships lost if not returned,even in this internet paperless present time the book is trusted as personal resource, more reliable without battery life. Finding a good book has become easier, as so many of our popular entertainers,networks and local press still promote to our tastes,imagination and interest.
The Book Fair coincides with Miami’s International Film Festival. Books have been made into film since it’s beginning and the Film Industry would be paddleless without good writters, so it is very fitting the two Festivals coincide. The Book Fair has been promoting talking books for decades with volunteers from the Lighthouse for the Blind. Cartographic collectors, botany enthusiasts, the interest is as appealing as any Fair is, it’s books for everyone and the opportunity to thank, question or just shake hands with a favorite author.
written by William M. Coulthard.

edited by Ana Bikic.

Photography By Ana Bikic