Elizabeth Turk Sculpture Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

                                                Elizabeth Turk  At Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

Elizabeth Turk
Elizabeth Turk Marbol Carving Sculpture at Art Basel Miami Beach 2012.
photo by Ana Bikc for Art Reviews Miami 2012/13
This year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, contemporary best was sculptor Elizabeth Turk, marble carving to an exquisite belief in the fluid form. 
Her work is a shining example of where the direction lies towards a classic Fine Art future, the humility needed to execute a
perfect patience with such a delicate pursuit of the making, leaves one only to marvel in response.
  Elizabeth Turk’s latest marble sculptures would be a touch stone cultural bridge to middle east liberal progressions,
 part of a new creative generation of women moving the eco- symbols of humanity towards the transcontinental spring.
Her work is Nationally recognized by the American Institute of Architects and the MacArthur Foundation, two important credits
to her career. Turk’s current series of Ribbon marble forms are a joy to behold. They immediately evoke a collective response,
 as total strangers share their wonderment together. When Art achieves this, it’s worth every dime to own it because we will all
pay more than a dime to see it again and again.
By Ana Bikic And William Mark Coulthard

Freedom Tower Miami exhibition Space In Downtown Miami.


MDC, Freedom Tower Miami exhibition Space In Downtown Miami.

Freedom Tower Miami Art Gallery Museum
Freedom Tower Miami Art Gallery Museum

Photography by Ana Bikic

The Freedom Tower Miami,  Art Gallery and  Museum, opens to the public, with relevant art shows, cultural events full of  educational, civic, historical,  quality arts and artists  from all over the world. A Museum As A Land Mark Cuban Memorial.

The MDC Arts Program  is called an  incubator for regional talent and experience for students and professors alike.

The permanent collection is part of the  education program. The  donation of artworks has expanded significantly, and the international exchange program is now operating, bringing exhibitions like Goya, Beyond Borders, Salvador Dali, with projects like Miami-Canary Islands, Miami-Berlin, East-West, the Miami Biennial, the Miami Photo-Fest projects,  the incorporation of the Freedom Tower as a museum-cultural center has placed the MDC and it’s stewardship of the Historic Landmark  Tower in a prominent national position to bring great interest. The combined effect of these efforts are already significant cultural references for further growth in our regional, state and international visual dialogues.

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