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Janet Panelo

Janet Panelo is a singer-songwriter

Janet Panelo, is a singer-songwriter and composer who performs her work as a professional and is an Argentine cultural reference in the United States. Although her music training began at the early age of 7 years, over time it led her to study at the Yamaha Academy obtaining her degree as Superior Professor of Theory and Solfege. With great fondness to the bass, the genres that incorporate in her presentations are tango, folklore, and Argentine rock, among others.

How was your passion for music born?
As a child, I started studying at the Yamaha Musical Academy since my family art has always been very present. Then, over the years, the foundations of my passion were solidified as I discovered other artists such as Abel Pintos, Pappo, The Beatles.

When did you start making shows and decided that your passion would be transformed into your professional work?
At age 18 I decided that I wanted to take another step in my passion for music. That’s why on October 9, 2009 , I decided to release my album titled “At The End Of The Storm” and it was there when I realized that there was no turning back. I started to develop myself in an even more professional way. I was called to play in television channels, radios, private events and to be part of musical groups like the one of legendary Argentine musician Roberto Fiat.

How was your arrival in the United States?
In the middle of 2016, I met a representative of the restaurant “El Bodegón”, listed as one of the best Spanish gastronomic places in Florida. El Bodegón, in search of talents that represent the culture of different countries, such as Argentina, and having knowledge of my artistic work, offered me the possibility of presenting my art. From that moment on, I decided to come to the United States after finishing my degree as Professor of Theory and Solfege as well as a Bachelor of International Relations.

What challenges and obstacles did you find when it came to the United States?
I found a culture very different from mine, but the warmth and the great enthusiasm of its people to know my work as a reference for the Argentine culture made me feel at home.

How do you project yourself in the future in the United States as a benchmark for Argentine culture?
My main objective in this country is to be able to make my culture known to all its people and to be able to enrich myself with the American culture, its traditions, its art and above all to take with me the love of its people.

Janet Panelo – Nostalgias (Tango)
Enrique Cadicamo, Juan Carlos Cobian

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